ON JANUARY 27, 2005 AT 11:40 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

This Gift of Divine Love that is a Gift greater than the mentality of human beings can perceive It to be; when you hear that someone receives a Message from a Saint, you automatically feel the worth of It, the importance of It, and the reality of It.

In This Gift of Divine Love that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, there are Hundreds Here in the Heavens Who are present when you are given the privilege to put into script What The Heavenly Father wants Saint Joseph to speak about, or remind you of, because of the Soul that you are the custodian of, that The Father Wills will be returned to Him, a Saint.

Though it will be difficult for some who will read These Words to understand the full measure of Divine Love that is within Them, These Words must travel throughout the lands to awaken the mentalities, the minds of thousands of human beings, to open the path that they were created for, and that is to return to The Creator as a Saint.

So much must be understood in the worth of human life, why it was even created.  Logic should tell all human beings that it was created for a Reason, a Purpose, a Goal.  Logically, the Goal would be for the Soul to be returned to The Father as a Saint.”

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