ON JANUARY 30, 2005 AT 11:35 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

As I speak today in a manner and way understandable to those who are present, I speak because of My Love for human life and the importance of it bearing circumstances, duties and knowledge that other living things do not have in the same degree or for the same purpose.

I speak many times through one small voice that I have trained to sense My Presence and then repeat What I Will others to know.  I have given to the world a Gift that is to enable thousands of human lives to more fully understand My Will and My Love for this Creation of Mine.

Justice to human beings is an important word and way.  Justice is a Gift that works both ways.  I smile at this Statement because it bears Truth, not always thought about in its full meaning and way.

In My choosing a small voice to speak so much What I Will others to know, I chose a voice I knew would also have control, based on respect for My Will to be available to all who would recognize It being My Will in the Words spoken, communicating verbally My Love for human life that is never heard like the human voice of human beings of all ages, all backgrounds, and all manner of using what life is all about.

I could speak hours on end, but as I close These Words now, it is to give to the one I use, rest, for there is much more to come.”

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