ON FEBRUARY 2, 2005 AT 11:57 AM


“I am your Heavenly Mother.

Many of Us are present wherever this little one is present, because there is so much The Father Wills for human beings of all ages to understand why they were created.

The Creation of human life is based on a Gift of Divine Will.  All the attributes of life are based to give human beings more abilities and more understanding and more Gifts, encouraging them to use human life as a force, as a source, to one day return the Soul to Heaven.

The Soul will represent all that the individual practiced and was accepted for in the eyes of other human beings.

So much has been put in script, allowing all ages of human beings to more indepthly understand that human life was a Gift far greater than the human mind could perceive it to be, because so much was given to human life, for it to walk a road to one day return That Portion of it, the Soul, to The Creator, Who I Am.

Many of Us speak through This Gift of Divine Love on a daily basis.  Many of Us speak at times when it is not comfortable for others to listen to the Words.

We use a small body, but this body is dedicated to Divine Will, and has been since it was created. The instrument, the little one I use is a Gift, because the human mentality of living matter and things and human beings could not bear the stress, the strain, the endurance serving Me takes.

As I close These Words, I close Them with Deep Love for those who listen to What is spoken and see the importance in the Wording, because you see, the Souls that are instilled in human beings at a given time in creation, the Souls want so much to return to Me.  The privilege is in the human being that They become a Part of, when I Decree it to be.”

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