ON FEBRUARY 8, 2005 AT 1:14 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.  There are Many of Us present as I speak My Words, hoping that These Words will be seen by many, many people of all ages, all degrees of understanding.

As The Father has given to the world the privilege for so Many of Us Saints Here to speak on subjects that will awaken the mentalities, to more fully understand the Importance of the Gift of human living that aids the Souls of each human being created to this manner of living.

Education is a subject many cling to and sometimes abuse, because they use it and practice it only to control another’s manner of living or mental acumen that shows.

Children are in need of understanding when they learn something that is above and beyond their natural intellect of absorption into their mentality.

So much emphasis is placed on what an individual is forced to compete with and about and for.  This is many times done in silence, causing weakness to the one who feels responsible for the words.

In the beginning of life, a baby listens to all that is said, and is directed to respond in the emotional way, what the elder one says.

Today as I speak with Words not usually spoken this way, but I do it to help those who read It, regarding the importance of human life in every degree of learning, every degree of emotion, every degree of understanding, and every degree of intellect.  Sometimes an individual excels in one and not another, or excels in two; but many times the atmosphere they live in has a tremendous effect in how they live daily life, whether it is with others, or they are alone.

I speak differently, I know, but the subject is important because the actions, the words, the example of how a human being practices life, can affect the lives of others close to them, or sometimes just those they casually pass by.

You might say, why would I speak like this?  My Answer is this:  The moment you are aware of what is pure over impure, just over unjust, love over hate; but there is one more:  logic over an illogical approach, action, reaction.  Much harm can be done on this one, all alone.

I will close My Words.  I know that We All speak differently of late, but it is to give strength where it is needed, more understanding, because the Soul is the recipient of all you think, say and do.  I plead with you, remember this last Statement, because your Soul wants to return to The Creator as a Saint.”

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