ON FEBRUARY 10, 2005 AT 11:26 AM


“A victim Soul is difficult for Me to see because the Soul, in Its innocence, looks to Me for Help, Guidance, and My Expression of Love for It, to give It the Strength to go on as I Will it to be.

Though a Soul is not physically seen with the eyes of other human beings, when a Soul is abused it is a sadness to Me.  It is not always in the one in whom the Soul is a Part of, that causes the Soul to be sad or to be abused.  It is many times those who associate with the body and use unkind words, immoral indecencies in suggestions, causing the Soul to be hurt, disfigured, and yes, made unavailable to do many things to assist the Soul to be in harmony with Me.

It is sad to see human beings feel only accountable for monetary measures, or to receive satisfaction from others they know that flatter them wrongly.

A Soul is a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, and for It to be happy, I want It to be treated justly, morally and sensually.

I could write thousands of pages, large pages, on what indecency does, but many reading the Words would feel they are not practicing all that is difficult for the Soul to handle.

I close These Words, because the little one I use cannot handle hearing what I must suffer.  She is not anything like this, and finds it difficult to hear Me say what effect others have that act so impurely, with no reverence to what the Soul is to the human body.

It is not a case of individuals having an unawareness to wrong, but sometimes they practice it beyond what is acceptable in the Holy Realm.  The slightest wrong is wrong.  The slightest impure act is impure.  The slightest lie is a lie.  The slightest jealousy is inconceivable.  There are thousands of Words that can be used here, and it is sad to say, because it affects the Soul of the one saying it, but also the Souls Who are in the ones hearing it.

I hear so many contradictions to Truth, because the enemy that exists tries to have it grow, to cause individuals to pay more attention to that manner of living, than the one where the Soul desires to return to from Where It came, called ‘Heaven’.”

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