ON FEBRUARY 10, 2005 AT 12:40 PM


“Yes, there are Many of Us present.  I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.  It is a treasure to Those of Us Here when We hear someone choose Our Name, reminding them that We existed and We had a Purpose for Our lives, but We also one day were requested by The Heavenly Father to return to Him.  So much could be written on this Fact alone, because the Soul is a Great Portion of it.

Throughout the world, We hear individuals make remarks about their Soul, but they do not fully realize that the Soul is a daily Companion to their way of life.  They mentally understand it, but often they do not speak about it in Its full manner, degree of what It does for the individual’s body and mind.

We do not speak often on this subject, but it is obviously a very important subject, because the Soul is to return to The Creator as a Saint.

Every human being has a mentality to the degree they know it to be.  They have a heart.  They have lungs, and they have arms with fingers attached to the hands.  I could describe the whole body, but the hands are very important, because within the hands they can use these instruments for purities or impurities, justice or injustice, hope or despair.

I know I speak differently at this time, but there is a necessity for individuals to recognize all the Gifts of human life, and how each human life can use these Gifts for good things and for improvement in how they think, they speak, they act.

Each part of human life was designed for a purpose.  It is important to see human life as truly a Design and Gift of Divine Love, giving to it a strength for so many things:  the sight for so much; the mouth, the ears, and even the nose; the neck has an important part.

Many might wonder why I would choose a subject like this.  Its purpose is to awaken your understanding in this Gift that is a Blessing to aid you through life, to help you in many ways through living the life as a human being.

Today I could speak hours on the Importance of your birth and the way you were taught so many things, and the purpose for everything you are about.  With all the Gifts of human life, you have been granted the Goal to return ‘a Saint’, a Saint being able to face not just the challenges of Sainthood, but the Goal of Sainthood for a very, very, very long time.

My Words are different, but My Love for human life far beyond what it is or could be understood to be, because human life is qualified in so many ways.  So much can be accomplished mentally, morally, psychologically and physically.

The Father’s Love for human life is obvious in every facet that He instilled into this Gift, to one day return to Him and be called ‘a Saint’.”

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