ON FEBRUARY 13, 2005 AT 11:37 AM


“Even though I have delivered thousands of Words through this one small voice, I am ready to deliver more regarding the Importance of human life, and Purpose for which it was created in the measure and way it is seen to be.

Today, in so many places throughout the world, there is much desecration to My Will and My Way.

It is important that human beings of all ages understand that human life is Important to Me, as it is to them, but My Reason for it has a greater Purpose than it is perceived to be.

At this moment there are millions of human beings not understanding, not knowing, not considering, and not interested in their manner of living or the Purpose for which they were created, and that is to one day return to Me, That Portion of Me that I Am, within them, their Soul, their mentality.

At this moment that I speak through one small voice, there are hundreds or thousands of dedicated individuals who beseech Me constantly to help them, to protect them, to guide them, and to give them the strength to persevere on a higher degree of understanding.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, because human lives were created for a greater Purpose than anything else created.

Think about this:  The moon, it has a purpose.  The sun, it has a purpose.  The clouds, they have a purpose.  The sky, it has a purpose.  The list is endless.

And now, let us take the things on earth that are seen daily:  The ground, and the ability for some to make flowers grow; some to be able to make food grow to help the body.  The list is endless.

I hold the little one tightly because My Words are difficult, due to the Power I use for others to learn about what I Will them to know, to more fully understand that logic would tell human lives there has to be a Higher Entity of Living, else why could they be surrounded by all there is?”

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