ON FEBRUARY 15, 2005 AT 11:43 AM


“When I alert this little one I use for My Communication verbally, I oftentimes use her body to be able to have the strength to repeat What I Will to be spoken because of the importance of It.

As I instill Each Word, it is to her as though I am speaking in her voice.  I smile at this.  She is right on this measure, this detail.

Every day of human life has an importance in it, for it, that is not always seen as such by the one who even in absorbing some feeling, some sensitivity different than ordinary, usually ignores what is occurring, or I should say, very often, instead of what I am meaning.

The little one knows of My Presence, but does not see Me in the Full Scope of How I Truly Appear, because if My Presence was allowed to be different, she would not be able to repeat My Words that she does not hear.

Each day in a human life has a purpose.  Some are for personal reasons, some are just to grow in more understanding that they were created for a Goal Higher than anything they can comprehend It to be.

As I close These Words, I say to all who take Them, who read Them, that My Divine Love is Greater than It is understood to be, but nonetheless, the Creation of human life has a Divine Purpose, a Divine Love in it, and one day at a given time It will be seen.”

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