ON FEBRUARY 24, 2005 AT 8:31 AM


“Though it is difficult for many human beings to understand why I have assigned certain things connected to Who I Am, What I Am, it is important that all ages of human life understand that I, as The Creator of All Things, also created them, and My Desire for this creation is for them to be close to Me in Who I Am, What I Am, because it is important that each human being created understand they were and are created for a Goal, to return to Where I Am, Forever and ever and ever.

Children are not being instructed in how close they are and how close I am to them.  In My Creation of human life, My Will and My Desire was to share so many things, because in this creation I instilled a mentality capable of learning, believing, understanding, and the desire to one day be with Me for a limitless time in Another Way.

As I close These Words, I want all of human life to understand, all the Gifts of human life are based on things that I have created for them.

As I close These Words I say, ‘I, your Heavenly Father, love this Creation of Mine, the human way.’”

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