ON FEBRUARY 28, 2005 AT 11:55 AM


“Though it is difficult for many to understand why I would choose a small, frail body for This Task that is greater than It is seen to be, of how many times she is chosen to repeat What she does not hear, but What is instilled into her mind so that others will be able to more fully understand the Importance of human life, and how it is Willed to be used by Divine Plan.

Millions of human beings are not present when We speak, but it is the responsibility of those who walk with her and print the Words for others to read, that have the opportunity to support This Miracle of Divine Love and be able to help those who are not present and those who must understand the Importance of human life.

Many times individuals study Great Works based on Spiritual worth, but this number is not as great as it could be.  That is why one small body, one mind, has been given the Responsibilities more numerous than they are seen, but through this voice, much is delivered to help the mentalities more deeply feel the closeness they are to Me.

Though many times Saints Here in the Heavens speak, They do not always announce Their Names.  She waits for Them to be recognized properly, personally, but time and strength oftentimes gets in the way.

The world has been Blessed abundantly by All that is delivered in Words understandable to the human mind.

I am showing her a Vision.  She is standing before a Crucifix.  The Body is bleeding and there are tears in His Eyes.  She cries for Him because she loves Him, and works at His Command all the time.  You have never seen her in this degree of sadness, but it has been done to allow you to know in a deeper understanding, that the Path she walks is a difficult role.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of Words have passed through one voice, accepting All that was to be learned by millions of people.  This Gift of Divine Love is greater than It is seen to be, because when Words are clearly spoken and are given to aid the Souls of human beings, It is a Gift of Divine Love, openly expressing Hope for the Souls yet to be returned to Him, a Saint.

I could speak hours on end, but the little one’s body is spent, due to the Power that surges through her because of the importance of What is said.

As I leave, I remind those close to her to never omit What you have learned, because your Souls depend upon This to help you to come Here Where I Am.”

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