ON FEBRUARY 28, 2005 AT 1:57 PM


“So many times when We must speak Words difficult, Many of Us Saints have tears, because You see the Importance of human life, and all human life is capable of doing, of acquiring and giving, to aid others in the progress for Souls.

So Many of Us want to speak at different times during one day.  We smile at The Father and draw His Attention, and He says, ‘Just pray.’ We know then that He will take over What He Wished to be, to help those yet in the living state always remember The Holy Trinity.

Today, as Many of Us spoke and said things not fully understandable in the degree They were meant to be, it was a time that was necessary to be, because hopefully it will awaken the mentalities so What We delivered can be passed on in memory, in consultation, and for a purpose that otherwise would not have been able to be accomplished at this time in which you live.

Though We speak rapidly through this little one, her love for The Divine accepts What We speak, and I smile when I say, ‘the timing We use’, for she is not weak.

Children should be instructed on what is proper, what is good.  Children should also be taught how to pray, not just formal prayers, but personal conversation so they can express how they feel on what they know.

All of Us Here in the Heavens could speak at one time, All on different subjects from The Divine, but it would be difficult because the Wording would be of such great measure, it would be difficult for some to write.

So, as We close Our Words at this time, We say, ‘Always remember, The Heavenly Father, The King of Justice and All that is Right, blesses you each time you walk, you pray, you speak, you suggest what is morally sound, and yes, politely correct, because these two things shed a bright Light.’”

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