ON MARCH 1, 2005 AT 11:41 AM


“I show you this only to remind you and others that the human body is very important in that it represents that My Existence is realistic, and My Purpose for human life is based on being a Gift that bears within it a Soul.  Though the Soul cannot be seen by the human eye, the Soul is always present and always available to everything you think, speak and do.

Human life has been gifted to all who become a human being.  A Goal awaits That Portion of it at a given time.  So much is misunderstood on this Beautiful Gift of Divine Love, but I assure you, It is evident in more ways then you understand It to be.

The Gifts in human life are numerous:  The Gift of speech comes second to the Gift of hearing; the Gift of understanding there is a Creator of All Things; the Gift of knowledge and the Gift of perseverance; the Gift of understanding other human beings verbally, physically, mentally, morally.

In the Creation of human lives, all the Gifts were taken into consideration, thus giving to human lives a greater understanding that the Gifts would increase what they could learn more in an educational format, regarding what the physical was capable of.

There are many factors in the physical that are taken for granted and should not be.  First of all, the soundness of the creation instilled into the physical bodies, necessary logical conditions, situations, and valuable means to allow human life to do many things:  to see, to speak, and to understand that many physical portions of the human body gave strength, purpose, and a way of being handled for what they were designed to be.

I do not expect What I have just spoken to be passed amongst millions of people, but I do want it remembered in a professional understanding that as the human life, the body and other portions of it have a reason for each portion of it, the mentalities instilled have been created to be able to absorb and to be able to understand the Gifts they were meant to be, for an individual to think, to speak, and to use logic, thus benefiting from what they were capable of learning about, to use it in the highest degree.

I have only spoken in a short measure of Words, but hopefully it will give all who think about it, a deeper understanding of how Important their life is to Me.

I bless those who pray My Way, and I bless those who use their communication with Me every day.”

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