ON MARCH 4, 2005 AT 11:50 AM


“Is it not logical that you would understand there to be a Higher Source of Mentality than human life is the custodian of?

Intellect means many things, but it also gives to human life abilities beyond what anything else created possesses or is the recipient of.  The mentalities vary in their abilities to speak and to commit to many great, not just events, but conditions and situations that are above and beyond human perception.

Today as I speak, it is to awaken and to alert thousands, hopefully, of human beings to understand that they do not have the capability to do the things that they live with, and many things they are exposed to, and many areas in which what is occurring is above and beyond human capability.  I talk about the sun, I talk about the moon, I talk about the stars, and I talk about all that surrounds the earth for the safety of human lives to be able to live upon the earth day by day.

All I am saying now is to awaken the mentalities of those who refuse to understand that there is an Ultimate Creator of All there is, and definitely, of man.”

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