ON MARCH 7, 2005 AT 12:00 PM


“I have given to the world a Communicative Evaluation of the importance of their communication with Who I Am.  So many times it is thought about just as a prayer that the individual is responsible for.  This is not so.  This is not the way it is meant to be.  In the human way, do you not speak to each other automatically, or on a subject that is of interest and applicable to perhaps some things you share?

Prayers to Me is what I call ‘a sharing’ of what you know that pleases Me, and that I, in turn, will bless you for it, or if you pray to Someone else, you will be blessed by Them for your words.

I speak differently, I know, but through This Gift I have given to the world, it is to share with all of human beings alive at this time, to look at their Association with The Divine as an ability to speak words they feel will give strength to themselves, gaining aid from The Divine.

As I close These Words, I know some will not understand fully What I have just spoken, but I assure you, the time will come and you will see the reasonability of These Words.

I love you, and I have given you a Message that not everyone will be able to understand in the same manner that you will, because of What I have said.”

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