ON MARCH 7, 2005 AT 12:39 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

So many things have passed through one small voice over several years of human time.  All the Words should be scattered throughout the world, but there are so many who do not see the necessity for a task such as this, even from The Divine.

Children are learning about prayer and the importance of it, but not always in a manner and way that gives to them the strength to fully understand that communication is important; also, that their speaking in their own words is heard through their Soul and to their Soul.

Speaking of such situations brings hundreds more to be talked about.  The human mind many times wishes to keep it short, keep it in degrees and ways that they feel is understandable.

Ask yourself, when you make ‘The Sign of The Cross’, do you not expect Us to see you do it, feel you do it, and understand why you do it?  It is an ‘act of respect’.  It is an ‘act of love’, and yes, it is a communication from you to Above.

Granted, you cannot see what Heaven is like, but it is only logical for you to believe that It Exists and All The Saints Exist within It, that were once human beings upon the earth.

I have an important subject to bring up:

Was it not a Beautiful Act of Love for human beings, that allowed The Son of The Creator to walk the land, be crucified, and then return to Heaven from Where He came?

Also, was it not a Beautiful Act of Humility and Divine Love that allowed The Heavenly Mother to walk the way of a human being, give birth to a Son that would one day be known in many ways, but it would always return to the Fact that She bore This Living Human Life within Her?

And now, We speak about The One Who was called ‘Father’; a privilege, yes, but also a Great Portion of Divine Plan.

Words, in so many ways, could be spoken about This Trio of Living Saints that is the Greatest Lesson for others to be bound to, be aware of, and follow in many ways.

Needless to say, I have only touched, or I should say, We have only touched on what a Great Gift human beings have been given, and that is to know by Name, Those Who opened the Gates of Heaven.”

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