ON MARCH 8, 2005 AT 11:10 AM


“This little one chosen for such a Great Task is weaker physically, due to the fact that so much is delivered through her for the benefit of Souls now, and for a long time hereafter.

Each human being created is gifted with a Portion of The Creator called ‘the Soul’.  The Soul knows every thought, word, deed, action, in the one It has been given for an Important Reason and Goal.

All human beings value what they can accomplish in the human manner of living, but few ever consider they are responsible for the Most Important Part of them, their Soul.

The purpose for learning about the Spiritual aspect of, association with, is far more important than it is perceived to be, because It cannot be seen by the human eye, but logic instills in the human mind there is a Presence within them that alerts them to actions or speech that is moral or immoral, just or unjust, pure or impure; but Divine Love in the creation of human life gives each one choice in decisions, even decisions of such great importance as the one their Soul depends upon for them to choose, knowing that the Soul is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, The Creator of All Things.

So much has been allowed to be spoken through This Gift of Divine Love, done in a manner and way logical, and assuring to the individual that there is a Goal, there is hope for a Future beyond what the human mind perceives It to be.

I use one small voice, also those who will put My Words in script for others to read.  My Desire is to deliver Words to help those who read Them to better and more fully understand what a Treasure human lives are gifted with, for the Goal for them to return to, and remind them of their Soul.  I smile when I say My next Word. ‘Amen.’”

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