ON APRIL 4, 2005 AT 1:50 PM


“Yes, I am Saint Bernard.

We All enjoy speaking to those who will listen and be able to more further understand, what a Precious Gift human life is, and the Goal for which it was planned.

In the Design of human life, there was much thought about, because to just use the body as the important part could only be logically seen for the human part, but it is and was so beautiful when The Spirit of Serving The Creator found out that every human body was the custodian of a Portion of The Creator.  This gave a new light on how to use the body of a human being to further more understanding of All The Creator had in Mind for the human being to be able to stand alone and use this structure, a body and mind, to respond for the Soul that each human body is the custodian of.

When you pray, your Soul listens.  When you speak, your Soul listens, and when you are angry, never forget, your Soul can be the recipient of much unhappiness, because the Soul is sensitive to all you think, say and do.

Some might ask why I would speak this way, when all an individual wants to hear is what they are used to, and their sensitivity to understanding that the human body, created by The Heavenly Father, had a Goal.

So much could be put into script, but I have spoken These Words to remind those who read Them and those who remember Them, that only Divine Love for the human way of life would love it so much that They would many times speak Words understandable, encouraging or strengthening, because the human mind needs this many times when it is faced with dissension, sadness, or a lack of accomplishment based on what they can do, what they think, what they say.

Human life is Blessed abundantly, and in so many ways has been given the Means to strengthen weakness or sadness or even thinking the wrong things.

I close and I say: ‘Always remember, as a human being you have been Blessed abundantly, because you are the custodian, the caretaker and the means for that Gift within you that The Father created to be returned to Him, a Saint.  It is called “a Soul”.  Remember this.’”

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