ON APRIL 14, 2005 AT 11:44 AM


“In the Creation of human lives, much was considered because of the Importance for which human lives were being created, basically to give life as The Father knew it to be, hope because of The Holy Trinity that gave Purpose, Dignity, and Love beyond what could be understood if those to be created would not be close to Those Who were Divine.

So much can be spoken on the Importance of, the Greatness of, the Beauty of how all things were planned, based on Divine Love for human beings to have a purpose and a way to practice reaching the Goal for which it was created, to follow in the footsteps of The Divine.

So many individuals, men, women and children, do not understand what a privilege it is to be created a human being based on Divine Plan.  There are so many facets to this Gift that give strength, hope, purpose, and the logical understanding that something of this nature, this magnitude, could not be designed by anyone else.

I could speak hours on end, because of the importance of this subject matter.  Human beings must understand that, as they innately know that they have a Future to look forward to and a Place to go wherein The Creator of All awaits them.

I will talk more on this later, but I beseech those who read These Words to see in Them The Divine Love that all things are based on, such as the human manner of design, and the innate sensitivities that show strength, hope, knowledge, caring, and definitely purpose when they are used properly, sometimes even casually.

There is so much Love in the creation of human lives, that more should be thought about regarding the Goal that The One Who created human life, thought of all things to make this Gift have more than Purpose, but at one time return a Portion of it to The Creator, namely ‘the Soul’.”

My Power was so Great,” He says, “that the little one’s body, it has taken a toll.”

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