ON APRIL 22, 2005 AT 12:09 PM


“Because ‘sacrifice’ was many times an open subject when I walked the earth, it was one subject that lasted, but so many times in a wrong manner, for a wrong reason, many based on jealousy, many based on seniority of those who felt they were in charge.

When I was sacrificed upon the Crucifix, a Cross, many stood by and cried, but many stood by truly not knowing the full meaning, the full realization of why they joined in the Crucifixion of a Man they did not know; in fact, many did not know His Name.

Needless to say, ‘jealousy’ is the foundation for so many wrongs committed and permitted amongst human beings, but what should be understood is that ‘jealousy’ is a weakness with no basic understanding or reasonability on why it occurs.

At this time, there is so much jealousy where this little one is.  Some of it extends far and wide by those who do not even know who she is, what she is, even what she looks like.

Her tears are for those who do not see the Gift is not for her, if one wants to call It ‘a Gift’.  It is to supply her with the strength to persevere to do My Will and avoid what others think.

I speak These Words today because of the Importance of how this little one walks for Me, not her will but Mine; basically, to aid other human beings in how they think and how they determine Who I Am, What I Am, and the Power I walk in, I live in, for them.

These Words will be difficult for some to accept, to comprehend and/or to rationalize the value of Them, and what They All stand for in the lives of millions of human beings to learn about It, some accepting, some ignoring, some resisting, because It is not what is in them.

The little one I speak through fears My Words, but I say to her: ‘There is no need for fear when Truth is the basic foundation to hopefully enlighten, or encourage, or develop in others of all ages, to reminisce how, at a given time, I was Crucified based on jealousy; some, unnecessary hate; but mostly, due to the fact that oftentimes envy is a sadness to hear, to watch, to see, because it is based on what is called “wrong jealousy”, “wrong interpretation”, and “wrong replacement of human nature” regarding such a Monumental, Important Gift of Divine Love, urging those who are free from It to be able to see the Reason for It as a Gift of Divine Love, beyond what the human mentality would be capable of at a time when there are so many differences of opinions, and inconsiderations on the Importance of Divine Will for the Souls of all living human beings.’

I close These Words with a Blessing for the little one, and also, another type of Blessing for those who have the ability, the understanding to believe in My Presence at This Time, always giving Words to give Strength, Hope, for others to see the Importance of being created a human being.

I will give her the strength physically to continue what she must accomplish according to how she has been appointed by Me.”

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