ON JUNE 17, 2005 AT 12:48 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

I hear your conversation and I appreciate your conversation, due to the fact that what you have spoken is comforting to All of Us because of your concern and your method of speaking, showing respect and sadness.

Throughout the world there are millions of human beings, all backgrounds, all with different degrees of intellects, and rarely are there two exactly alike mentally, spiritually, on what they speak about, what they think about, and how they show how they feel when things are not in what would be called ‘a healthy state’.

Children are not learning enough about their importance in praying for those who are ill, and sometimes for those who make mistakes that are serious, even to others.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  These Words have been spoken many times through This Gift of Divine Love.  There are so many subjects that should be considered wrong, and yet important to know how wrong they are.  You do live in a time where Sodom and Gomorrah are mentioned, but not as often as it once was.  You live in a time wherein modernization of how individuals think, act, speak, and in many ways it is a liberal manner of thinking things and considering things to a degree that do not call for prayers, but just conversation in a human manner, way.

The time should change in how human beings think.  It should be more emphasized on the importance of morality over immorality, justice over hate, hope over despair, but above all things, it should be emphasized that prayer to The Heavenly Father and to All The Saints has credibility in degrees not conceivable, because it is not spoken in a verbal, loud manner.

Now let Us stop what I have just spoken and emphasize the conditions in which so many individuals of all degrees of intellect use their mentalities, use their sensitivities, and use their responsibilities.

If you were asked, would you be able to answer these in full measure according to what you understand it to be being practiced; that is, in the time in which you live?

Next:  Ask yourself, would previous time be more suitable to how you think, or can you see the future able to give you a greater understanding, first of The Divine, and then of the human element that is active every day, perhaps around you, perhaps you are close to it?

There are so many factors in human life that are oftentimes taken for granted, but I assure you, as a Saint Here in the Heavens, you must understand:  Indifference is no help; casual manners, interests, are not always suitable to what is occurring, but an in-depth association in thought, in words, in deeds to The Heavenly King, The Creator of All Things, I promise you is more assuring, because in All that This Creator of Ours has accomplished and accomplishes every day, perhaps we do not recognize our way, but there is evidence that He hears and He is aware of the wrongs, the rights, the maybe’s, the perhapses, and yes, the weaknesses that occur, or the confusion that distracts.

Do not forget to practice speaking personally to Those Here in the Heavens at least twice a day.  You are heard, and your concern or your happiness radiates in many ways.

As I close These Words, I say:  The Father, The Creator of All Things, created you.  Never forget this.  Though you became a human being through the act of other human beings, you still have that close Connection to The Divine King Who thinks of you more than you think of Him, and never forget The Heavenly Mother.  She walked the path of human ability, responsibility and love.  She is always happy to hear a word or two, or more that you have to say.  Do not forget, She is available every moment of every day.”

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