ON OCTOBER 10, 1969


“My children, My daughters, your joy, your speech, your description of the Heavenly Court, We listen to and We say, ‘You experience a joy in speaking your small thoughts of Our Way.’ We smile and say: ‘Pray much, so that the day will come and you will not only have spoken of the Heavenly Court, but will experience seeing It in all Its Beauty, far beyond man’s knowledge or man’s imagination.  No artist on earth could portray in oils or in words, one-millionth of Its Beauty.  What a reward you have awaiting you.  Is this not worthwhile, My daughters?’

There are so many children that must hear My Words.  There are so many children that must learn to bend their knees in humility to God.  There are so many children who are lost and who need one child to take them by the hand, talk kindly, teach firmly, and direct truthfully.  Do not go your way satisfied to save but one Soul; take another one with you.

Do not sorrow over what cannot be helped by man, but place it in the Hands of God, either direct or through a beloved Saint of His.  He is fully aware of all decisions to be made and why.  When you grow in trust of His Way, Faith in His Way, and love of His Way, you will feel a tranquillity and an inner peace no earthly means can afford you.

Follow the plan and teach others to follow it.  It is a plan given by The Divine to children of God.  Do not hesitate to call when you feel the need.  We are ever present and ever ready to aid you, to comfort you, to strengthen you and to give you Direction.  Do not forget to listen to the Directions.  How else will you know We have heard?

You have learned much this night, enough for now.  Do not disregard the spoken Words.  They are meant to be followed and not misused, misinterpreted or scoffed at.  Many men spend a lifetime for a moment such as this.  Remember to thank Him Who Is for this night.  It is His Will that you experience My Presence.  As I was obedient to Him as man, I am equally obedient to Him as a Saint.

I leave for now with a love unknown to man, and a full understanding of each child here.  There are questions unanswered but I deem it best this way.  I say to you this:  The answers you seek, would they correct things, make them different, or eliminate them?

I suggest to you, My daughters, to kneel more in prayer to God, and do this in a childlike way.  He will hear you.  He will answer you, best for you.  Remember to visit often your Beloved God, Who waits to see all children in the Church.  Kneel before Him and let Him know you stopped by to visit your Father.  Constant acts in this direction will help you become better acquainted with Him.  What parent does not enjoy a visit out of love?  So be it.”

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