ON NOVEMBER 3, 1986 AT 3:45 PM


“All through time I have requested man to understand the benefits gained through small sacrifices, large sacrifices, generous acts of charity, and important commitments that served My Will.  Mankind is not ignorant to what is correct, what is right, what is beneficial, what is important, to not just daily life, but life beyond the human measure of life.  It begins in childhood.  Children seek other children for companionship.  It is enjoyable to a child to share the company of all ages.  They learn from some, they share with others, and there is challenge in competitiveness in certain things.

There is great balance to the physical life, many advantages, and many areas wherein individuals of all kinds can find happiness,
strength, satisfaction, accomplishment, motivation and interest.  The intellect of mankind has a special purpose.  It allows people to be involved in every area of living that man is acquainted with.

We come now to an important part of this physical life that can be initiated by the mind, or through the senses of individuals.  This is innate in most people born to the world, a sense of direction regarding a Higher Being, Whom I Am.  There is hope in this part of life, called ‘Faith in God’.  There is strength in belief of Its Existence.  There are many benefits to Its favorable Gifts, received one might say, ‘anonymously’, because the person does not see or hear My Presence, but results are obvious that I have acted, reacted, or interceded.

It is important for children throughout the world to understand the Importance of Faith in Me.  Faith such as this must be based on humility, love, hope, honor, respect and dignity.  There are many facets to this Faith in Me.  It is stimulated through prayer, good acts, sound reasoning, and obedience to My Ten Commandments.  Obedience to My Ten Commandments does not restrict man’s way of life, it merely directs man’s way of life to a pure state of being.

Many men, women and even children believe that I exist, but are reticent to allow others to see them prostrate before Me, dedicated to Me in My Way and My Will, or even to show they are concerned, yet they know of My Existence and act accordingly in spite of what others want them to do.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is not ordinary as men try to say It is.  It is Extraordinary, and has been given to the world because of the need in the world.  There are so many men flaunting sin and acting sacrilegiously in the temple where I Am.  I come through This Great Miracle to say once again, ‘You do live in a time of much heresy, much desecration, and volumes of sins against My Will, My Way, My Commandments.’ A Father Who loves so deeply, so strongly, so devotedly, holds back the wrath that a father in human circumstances, ways and limits, could not possibly handle.

I speak openly, I speak truthfully, I speak honestly, I speak clearly, and in My Speech through an instrument in the world, I say firmly, ‘The ugliness, the desecrations, must stop.’ I have given the world a Miracle through which, by which, in which, I am constantly alerting mankind to see the necessity to follow a pure state of life for the benefit of the Soul, Which is a Part of Me.

Man says, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ To a point, I agree, for all the actions that each of My Commandments condemns, must be seen as sins against Me, through the blasphemies passed on through wrong example to other men, women and children, in some ways attacking the Soul directly.

I Am a God of Love, but I Am also a God of Justice.  I Am a God of Truth, but I Am also a God that has given to mankind the Ten Commandments to be guided by, through honesty, respect, dignity and honor.  So be it.”

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