ON SEPTEMBER 8, 1969 AT 1:15 PM


“I am a Saint of Great Renown.  I am a Saint Who had the skills of man.  I am a Saint Who fell many times on the path to God.  I am a Saint Who was deliberate in Her knowledge of right and wrong, persistence and laxness of integrity, and yes, doubt that She could be chosen to serve God in an ultimate way; different, and, oh my, in the limelight where man was concerned.

Picture a long road with many forks in it.  Picture the forks as weaknesses.  Picture the end of the path as Heaven, and now picture me, or yourself, about to begin the journey down the path.  You have come to the first fork.  Your eyes gaze upon beauty of foliage and of flowers.  Ah, what a temptation not to travel down this road.  There is a mystery in its beauty, but if you are smart you will realize the detour will be time-consuming and will cause your trip to be lengthened or avoided completely.

Now the next fork arises before your eyes, and your eyes gaze upon the frivolities of the flesh, consuming your whole being in pleasure known to man to be instant pleasure, instant satisfaction, but with no real meaning.  This road, too, would cause a delay in your trip.

Now We have come upon a fork further along in the road.  This one says, ‘Try me, I am the easy way out,’ and your eyes gaze upon all things that permit you a laxity and no challenge.  If you persist down this way, oh my, what a lag it would cause in your trip down the path to reach your God; and now, just before the final trek, you reach another fork, and down this path it says, ‘Make up for what you have not gained thus far.  This path will do it.’ But should you take this path, it will also delay your point of destination.

Hang on, My children, and do not follow other paths.  Some are full of glitter, some are full of suspense and some are full of satisfaction, but be suspicious of them.  When you know truth, what else is there to follow, but it?

Many Souls are lost to God because they stayed too long on the path afforded by the fork in the road.  They became so embellished in the pleasures, they forgot to return to the main road.  There is no easy way to Heaven and you would not want it to be so.  I certainly was one of the most willful children of God, but I was obedient and that, My daughters, was truly My Salvation.

Be generous with the knowledge you have but heed it first yourself.  You cannot expect others to believe what you say if you act another way.  When a child comes in need, and you say, ‘Do this, do that, listen well,’ it would be best to say, ‘I am example, follow me.’

The Words of a Saint, the Words of Knowledge, the Words of Truth, the Words that should lead all men to God.

The devil says, ‘I can show you an easier way,’ and God says, ‘Child, you can be sure it is My enemy when you hear these words.’  So be it.”

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