ON OCTOBER 1, 1969 AT 1:00 PM


“I come to speak to My daughters of My Love for man.  I come to tell them how a mother feels when a child is lost from the family.  I beseech all mothers to listen to My Words and to tell others what I say.

As each child is born to the world, happiness abounds in the Heavens, and I say to My God, ‘Oh, thank You for this child, another Soul to share the Heavens with.’ We are in constant watch of the child, and at the first sign of his eagerness to stand alone, We become apprehensive and concerned and We whisper to him, ‘It is fine to make the most of what you are, but you cannot stand alone the way you think you can.’ The child often says, ‘I’ll lean on God when I need Him,’ unaware that there has never been a moment he did not need Him.

When My daughters kneel in prayer to Me, as all mothers feel an inner joy when a daughter clings to her, I feel a Heavenly Joy, but when one of My sons kneels to Me, oh, it is as when a son reflects all good and shows love of God, pleasing the earthly mother, My Joy is boundless.  I was The Mother of a Son, Who, in turn, was dedicated to His Beloved Heavenly Father and obedient to His earthly Father, and Who gave Me a joy both Spiritual and physical.

In an obvious place, have a Rosary available for all to see.  The sight of it could encourage a lost child to return to Me.  What mother would not be thankful to another mother who would be kind, generous and loving to a child lost from her?  Sacrifice all for a child of Mine lost to Me, and I will bless you with My Love.  So be it.”

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