ON OCTOBER 1, 1969 AT 1:15 PM


“I am Saint Francis.  Conquer all doubts, conquer all fears, conquer all feelings that you have that This Miracle could not be true; It is, and now, I will preach a Sermon from the Heavens.

Thus far, you have been given many Lessons in the art and in the way to love God.  When I walked the earth, I learned these lessons through much prayer and sacrifice.  When I grew to love Him selflessly, I wanted to scream out to all men:  Love Him.  Do not be foolish and ignore Him.  Stop sinning.  If you but knew what it does to Him.

As my love grew, I soon learned man does not listen to man.  No man can preach His Name sincerely without His Help.  Instinctively, man will deny man recognition when there is an absence of God’s Presence in the speech.

I am a Saint, Saint Francis.  The time has come for all men to feel the Power that surges through her body from God.  Her words as man, when you knew her before, were man’s; and now you are well aware It is I Who am speaking, else what would have made you pick up pen and struggle to write?  Certainly not her words, certainly not your friendship for her, certainly not her beauty; evidence to you that her Speech and the Words you hear are Divine Revelations.  I am always curious when a child is chosen by God in an ultimate way to serve Him, at the reaction of those who once knew the child.  It is astounding what a change takes place within them, and they cannot help often saying, ‘She’d never make me feel this way.’ You have been Blessed first with the Knowledge and then the Faith to believe what you have heard.

Many men read the Lives of The Saints and say, ‘I’ll never make it, he was too good.  I am too human and too weak.’ Nowhere in these books does it say: ‘This man was made of stone.  This man was perfect.  This man knew no fears.  This man left the earth on a cloud when he tired of earthly problems.’ Take My life, for instance, I did, and many crosses were borne by Me on the way to Heaven.  Suddenly one day, I realized there just had to be something else; this wasn’t enough to go on.  I began my road of love.  Some men would have said, ‘He’s insane,’ but I knew what I was reaching for was far greater than anything the world had to offer.

If fear, worry, concern, doubt, enter your mind, strike it out.  It is a waste of time, and no good will come from it.  I will leave for now, but read again and again My Words.  They will mean much to you as They are delivered to you by Me, and They are Truth.  When in need, follow Them.  When in doubt, use Them.  When in fear, say Them.  When in love, pray more.  So be it, My children, for now.”

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