ON OCTOBER 2, 1969 AT 12:10 PM


“I am Teresa of Avila.  I come in harmony with Many Saints Who seek all men to hear of Joseph, to know of Joseph, and to go to Joseph.

It is not for man to doubt the chosen child.  When they doubt her, they doubt God and His Way of doing things.  Be strong, let no man whip you down to his size; if he tries, you will be dust.  Remember These Words, and do not be cautious, do not be prudent, but be deliberate in expressing Them to others.  The time has come for man to get out of the doldrums and get off of his merry-go-round of sin.  Try to imitate My Way, My Words, and My Love for Him.

It is difficult to stand Where I stand and see so many men perjure themselves, so many women degrade themselves, and so many children waste themselves, because of fleshly pleasure, momentary gain.

I hear you often speak My Name and I smile, but be sure when you do, mention My Love for Him Who Is.

I wonder how long man could stand the sin of the world if he were allowed, for one moment, a glimpse of Heaven.  You would have mass hysteria and most men would take their lives to see a full glimpse of this Beauty.  It is beyond the words of man.  It is beyond the knowledge of man.  It is beyond the scope that man is capable of thinking of.

I do not play a guessing game with any man.  I speak in knowledge, I speak in knowing, I speak in truth, and I say now, ‘The world must turn in the direction of God or be lost to Him.’ Saint Joseph is prepared, both with Power and obedience to God, to save mankind.  At one time in His Life on earth, He was also entrusted with much responsibility for God.  He did not fail Him then, He will not now.

Never let Me hear you say, ‘I am too tired, I am too busy.’ When He speaks, do it now, the Command of Love, and this Command carries many Blessings, My daughter.  So be it.”

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