ON OCTOBER 3, 1969 AT 1:10 PM


“I am a Saint in the Heavens, and I say to you, ‘His Words to you are Words no man could hear from the heart, unless the man was so close to Him that he was governed by every move, every beat, every Drop of Blood that was shed by God The Son.’

The time has come for all men to relinquish their habits that remove them from the realm of Christianity.  It is time they take heed to the Words delivered by God.  It is time they stop self-destruction, and let only love for Him reign within them.  It is time for all men to look to Someone instead of something.  It is time for all men to stop their foolishness, their ridiculous way, and turn to Him.

When man speaks of decay, he is repelled by it.  When he sees it, it is distasteful to him, and yet he causes it each day of his life when he refuses the Divine Way and seeks only worldly pleasure, self-love, and the gifts of satan.  My, what stupidity, what lack of integrity, what idiocy.

When a Gift is given by God, the child feels only Love.  When the gift is of God’s enemy, no love is felt but self-love.  Is it not a shame that man does not have the intelligence nor the Sanctity to realize One is Good, one is evil and can lead them nowhere but to Hell?

I was a priest.  I taught much damnation.  I taught truth.  I taught love.  Many were appalled at My words, many were saved by them, and I say to all priests, ‘Stop refraining from teaching it.  Some children need the fist.  Some children need definite words, ideas, to show them the Way.’

What is this you say to Me? ‘It is a new world.’ I scoff and I say, ‘There is nothing new about this world you hold so much pride in.’

Stand up for what you know to be truth, and if you cannot distinguish the truth from untruth, say this: ‘Will what I have to say be Godlike?  Would He choose these words?’ No need to worry, you will know.  He never took the easy way out.  His Crucifixion was proof of this.  So be it.

This is to be seen by all men.  Let them ponder It.  Let them know the Words are Truth, and say this to them, ‘Pass This on to a priest so that he, too, can pass It on to another priest.’ Men of God, heed These Words.  It is God’s Will you do.”

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