ON OCTOBER 5, 1969 AT 4:20 PM


“The time has come for much joy in the Heavens.  The time has come for all men to wake up to their way of living and notice the destruction they are headed for.  There is only one way for man to do this.  Alone, he can conquer nothing.  With God he can become a Saint.  Tell all men this.  Some will sneer, some will scoff, some will listen.  Those who listen will be saved, and it is God’s Desire that these men will become so fervent in their love for Him that their example, their happiness in this way, will attract the attention of the others.

So many children deny themselves truth and happiness because they are so involved in self-satisfaction of worldly things, materialism, and satisfaction of the flesh.  All these things they hold dear can be wiped out with one small mishap of life, but God’s Love is Forever and is All Beauty, and always there when a child needs It.

There is so much to be learned through this child of God, an instrument of His to reach all men.  A terrible scourge could bring men to humility instantly, but God, in His Mercy, Love for His children, says, ‘Let it be through this small child, it will be easier on them.’ She is ready to fight all men for Him.  God smiles and says, ‘When they strike at her, they are striking out at Me.  Tell them this.’  So be it.”

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