ON OCTOBER 13, 1969 AT 1:40 PM


“I am a Saint.  I was a child, and it was God’s Decision that I be born, learn of Him at an early age, teach others of Him, and then leave the world to serve Him in the Heavens.

I have spoken through this child often, and My speaking should be delivered to all children of the young age group.

I listen to the words spoken in classrooms of teaching around the world.  I have just spent time in a land, foreign to you, but one in which God is seldom spoken of.  It is a place in which few men would desire to go to aid another Soul, plus the fact there are too few men in the field of God to be able to stand on these shores to help these poor Souls.

In one way, they live a monastic life; in another way, a pagan life; but in another way, a life of truth.  Their way has been passed on from man to man, through time.  Inner evil is soon dispensed with when it causes a distinct harm to another of the tribe.  Their method of removing evil is not one God would prescribe, but they do it in their feeling of justness, right, truth, honesty.  They instinctively want to dismiss or dispose of things contrary to what they know, they feel should be.

In comparison to the classrooms of your way, they would be termed ‘cannibalistic’; but, in truth, they are so aware of a Higher Being judging them, they feel the cleansing is necessary.  I often hear a child in your way say, ‘Why be good?  It doesn’t pay off.’ Always the reward in mind.  It would be so good to hear a child say, ‘I’ve got to be good; God expects it.’

The parents of these cannibalistic children love them and receive joy through their love, but they say, ‘You are wrong, you must correct it.’ Your way is different.  Oftentimes the child is screaming for your firmness and your strength of truth.  Instinctively, he knows that truth will be what will help him survive in all ways, not just one.  He doesn’t need your weakness; he has his own.

In My childhood, I oftentimes asked God a childish question, and then I would thank Him for the parents I had.  If all children were taught the Goal of Sainthood, but most are taught the goal is materialism.

This Revelation I was allowed to enter with could be revealed to many Souls.  I leave this in your hands with no command to do so.  I smile and say to The Beloved Saint Joseph: ‘Thank You for allowing Me to say These Words.  I hope They will help one Soul.’  So be it.”

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