ON NOVEMBER 18, 1969 AT 12:50 PM


“The Sign of The Cross says to man, ‘I believe in God,’ but it says more than this.  It says, ‘I believe that He was born as a Son, I believe He was crucified by man, and I believe there is Three in One:  Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.’

If this one Sign can say so much to man, why does man then not believe more in the Way of God?  Even those who profess to believe nothing, react inwardly to the sight of the Cross.  Remember, the Cross remains as an open sign of His Existence.  The Cross remains as evidence to man that He came to earth, was born, walked the earth, was crucified by man, and then remained to exist in the Heavens.  No other man has been born, crucified, and then arose from the dead.

The fact that He was born in a fleshly manner said to man, His raising in this way had to be governed by Man, by Woman.  Who were They?  Immediately Names come:  Mary, Joseph.  So then, when you go forward to tell all of the existence of Joseph, it should not be too much of a shock to hear His Name, the full Name now, given by God, Saint Joseph; always the sturdy, strong, Spiritual, courageous Man.  He never announced Himself before His Beloved Wife and His Beloved Son.  He put Them first, above all things, as all men must do; but out of respect, out of love for God’s Choice, He must be honored and revered in the Heavens, and above All Other Saints.  He says, ‘Not My Will, but God’s.’

All Saints are loved by God.  All Saints were once men.  All Saints were obedient to God, as man.  All Saints are obedient to God in the Heavens.  All children must learn to be obedient as We were, so that they, too, one day can walk among The Saints and be counted as such.

The Heavenly Father says: ‘There is room in the Heavens for all I create; remember this.  No one need be concerned over the lack of space, the lack of love.  I love one and all equally.  I choose some to help the others reach Me.  I choose one to lead them to Me.’  So be it.”

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