ON DECEMBER 9, 1969 AT 12:30 PM


“I bless This Miracle, I bless this child.  I bless you, My daughter, and I say: ‘Man could cause much destruction instead of construction if he were to design a miracle.  His design first would eliminate God.  It would be all for the sake of man and much self-love would be injected.  Self-satisfaction would be evident, and self-purpose the goal; different than God’s.  This you can be sure of.’

Now let Me design God’s Way, for you to compare the two.  God says: ‘The Goal of This Miracle is Heaven.  The Purpose of The Miracle, to teach children how to reach the Goal.  The steps up to The Miracle, ones which man can climb in a way physically, emotionally, spiritually compatible to their being.’ God does not expect the impossible from His Creations so He does not implant the ridiculous to bring them to Him.  His Method of doing things is Systematic, Truthful, Unselfish, and All Love.  No man stands in the world in a complete understanding of himself or of other men.  Only God has this knowledge.

Man sometimes refers to an event, an occurrence, a happening, as a Miracle.  There are times he is right, but more Miracles go unnoticed than recognized.  Daily Miracles are taken for granted.  Special Miracles are collaborated on, big discussions take place, and men are torn by their decisions as to the validity of the Miracle.  Through all this, God continues to perform Miracles.  Through all time, He has allowed man to sidestep, to discuss, to determine, to judge the validity of many Miracles, but when He decides a Miracle must be to the knowledge of all men, He steps in and makes it so.  You are aware of many this has happened to, and I add a note to this:  This One is among Them.

Man says: ‘Show me the Way to Heaven.  Show me the Purpose of life.  Help me to know what to do to eliminate the turmoil and bring peace.’ God says, ‘Here is the solution,’ and man says, ‘That’s not what I had in mind’; and God says, ‘But it will answer all’; and man says: ‘I don’t think it’s the full solution.  I’m not interested in praying.  I’m not interested in depending solely on God.  I want a method that I can use realistically’; and God says: ‘I am Reality and you are a creation of Mine.  If I created you and all things, why do you think I cannot answer all problems?’ Man says, ‘Well, it’s just not the way man would do it’; and God says: ‘Man is subject to Me.  I am subject to no one.’  So be it.”

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