ON DECEMBER 11, 1969 AT 11:35 AM


“Design a cross.  Put a figure on it.  Make the figure one you love.  Could you do it?  The One you have placed upon the Cross has given His Life for mankind because of the Love His Father had for His Creations.  Ask yourself, ‘Could I love others in this way, this ultimately?’ Your answer would be, ‘No’, but yet you know that God The Father, The Creator of All Things, did this for you.  How many days in one year can you recall concentrating on His Beautiful, Unselfish Love?  You say, ‘Few, if any.’

The time has come for man to awaken to the Love that God has given and is ready to give at a moment’s notice.  He does not ask you to sacrifice in such an ultimate way.  The sacrifices are so small, and yet He loves each one you give.  By your sacrifice in small ways, you will learn to grow in a big way.  Do not advertise your sacrifices, but by them and through them, teach others to make them.

The Purgatory you hear of would be empty if man had grown to practice small sacrifices in the Way of God and for Him.  Hell would be vacant.  Heaven would be full.  The world would be at peace.  Man would be happy.  Sin, no more; a thing of the past.

I paint you a beautiful picture.  I give you the canvas, I give you the brush, and I give you the way.  So be it.”

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