ON JANUARY 2, 1970 AT 11:20 AM


“I am God The Father, I am God The Son and I am God The Holy Ghost.  From the beginning of time I gave men many Miracles.  Some are of the flesh, some are of the mind, some are of the Spiritual.  All are Miracles.  I still perpetuate My Miracles to aid man, My creations.  Alone they cannot fight My enemy.  The weakness I allowed to be was meant to cause small pleasures, not sin.  Weaknesses are used wrongly.  The weaknesses I allowed were to give man small leeways to relax the pressure that sometimes makes man unhappy, upset.  You see, My children, even My Weakness, and it is Mine as I was the One to allow it, was for a purpose.

My Love for man is so tremendous you cannot comprehend Its Greatness nor Its Magnitude.  Let all men know of My Love.  Let all men know I exist.  Let all men know I love them in a way no man can.  Tell them to follow My Words.  Tell them not to try to rationalize My Way.  They are not powerful enough, nor wise enough, nor Spiritual enough, nor perfect enough.  Tell them to place their doubts on the wind.  Tell them, too, to give themselves wholly to Me in all things, in all ways, for the purpose I intend them.  Tell them, too, to stop fretting over earthly gains and to work more on Heavenly gain.  Tell them, too, to grow in spirituality and in love for fellowman.  Tell them, too, all must be good, for the end I have in mind.  Tell them, too, the Purpose of life is to return to Me.  Tell them, too, that the weaknesses I allowed to be can be their weakness for Me, and through this weakness they can storm the Gates of Heaven, and I will wait joyously for those who enter this way.

I love the world I created.  I love all My Creations.  There is no more to be said.  It is the Ultimate in Words from The Divine.  So be it, My loved ones, for now.”

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