ON JANUARY 8, 1970 AT 12:30 PM


“I listen to you speak and I listen to the content of what you say.  I listen with an interest, and now I give you help to understand how to handle what you have, and how to help others attain it.

At the site of the Crucifixion, I hung from the Cross with a sadness and with a joy, as I looked at all the children gazing at the horrible act that had just been completed.  I read their hearts, I read their minds, and above all, I read their Souls.  Even though they had experienced My Crucifixion and were allowed the enlightenment to know I was of Truth, many of them acted casual after the first blow was over.  Some of them even went so far as to try to forget the horrible spectacle of My Face, and My torn Body ripped apart by man.

There were those there who, when I read their whole interior, I saw them sickened by what had happened; but yet I saw the knowledge that had come to them was one they would cherish and grow in.  Through all time men’s reactions are the same:  too weak to allow the truth to be evident to them, and too strong in weakness to cultivate the strength in truth.

From This Miracle many men will serve Me in a better way, more fervently, and with more devotion.  More will realize My Existence.  More will desire to know Me more, and more will seek My Words.

Through My Beloved Son, Joseph, as He will become known to the whole world, I will become evident also.  Through This Miracle, The Queen of the Heavens, Who was also My Beloved Mother, Who is also My Daughter, will become more evident in the prayer of Her Choice, the Ave Maria.

A simple Catechism filled with truth, showing all men the validity of My Way, My Actions, My Design, My Purpose, My Love.  I come through this child with a firmness.  My Words are deliberate but carry with Them the Cross of Truth on which I placed the Soul of man, the beginning of life, and the Truth of My Father.  So be it for now, My loved ones.”

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