ON JANUARY 8, 1970 AT 2:40 PM


“The Hand of God beckons the Mystery of Love that each man secretly holds dear within himself.  Man is confident that within himself lies an extreme feeling, a desire for love, but he cannot define what he feels.

Many men misconstrue the act of love.  Some connect it only with a physical experience.  It is not just this.  The act of love is not an emotional excitement.  It is peace, contentment, trust, confidence, purpose, direction.  It has with it all the things that bring beauty to the feeling and to the being.  The physical experience is not the act of love but the result of love.  The emotional experience is not the act of love but the result.

Many people form a pattern that they feel is showing love.  They give a gift, they perform an act, they are overindulgent in small things or big things.  This is evidence of love, the result of love.

And now you have the man who says, ‘I love, I must show it.’ So he proceeds to act in a Godlike way and performs all good acts.  This man truly shows love and can say honestly and sincerely he loves.  So be it.”

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