ON JANUARY 9, 1970 AT 7:45 PM


“I come in the Name of Jesus and I come with a Love unknown to man.  I come surrounded by a joy.  It is comforting to see so much happiness when children join together to seek more knowledge of God.  In this Revelation I speak especially to the sons present here now.

Behold before you a Miracle of God, One in which a child in the physical manner says My Words.  I assure you the Words are not man’s, but Mine.  From the time of birth to the time of now you have experienced many things.  Some have led you to Heavenly gain, some to the enemy of God.  As you experience My Words tonight, let the experience be the beginning of new thoughts, more direction, fulfillment of life, and the perpetuation of your growth to God, for Him and in Him.

When you come upon a suggestion from another man and it causes you doubt as to its goodness, look to your right shoulder and ask My help.  You have come upon Whom I am, Saint Michael.  As I lead Angels of God to stomp out evil, you, too, can be led by Me as you seek more My help through prayer.  I have been given the Honor in this capacity for God.

I ask you now to first depend on Me and then learn to follow Me.  The strength you will gain in this way will astonish you at times, and the stronger you grow, the stronger you become, you will be used by God as example in His Way.

Oh, My sons, who else could offer you such reward?  Man could not, only God.  When you leave this home, take with you the courage I will give you.  Take with you the strength I will give you, and promise Me to follow My Words.  Do not let Them be just words, but the Words of Beginning.

I come in much strength and much power.  No earthly measure of power could equal or compare to the One in Which I come.  So be it for now.”

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