ON FEBRUARY 11, 1970 AT 12:15 PM


“I am Saint Michael.  I come in Prayer, I come in Love, and I say to you this: ‘I guard this Miracle, I guard the child, and I lead the Way to Heaven.  I stomp out evil of all kinds.’ Remember this today.

I am evident in All Miracles of God, for My Sword clears the way, for His Perfection must be seen and felt by all men of the day.  Don’t make excuses for yourself for they are just a waste of time.  The day of Judgment by our God is close to all mankind.

They have pictured Me in many ways, but I ask each one of you:  The sword you must carry are the Beads of Our Lady in Blue.  Teach every one you love and know, and many whom you meet, to carry daily with them the Rosary of The Queen.

There are so many things to be discussed.  There are so many Lessons to be taught.  There are so many Words for man to hear.  There are so many acts of love to be done.  Don’t think about them, do them.  Don’t depend on others to carry the ball.  Create a team of love for God and make it strong.

My Words are firm and carry strength.  There is no time for delay.  The Miracles of God must be recognized today.  So be it.”

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