ON FEBRUARY 13, 1970 AT 11:45 AM


“Divide the world into many sections.  Label them thusly:

1.  All people who cater to sins of the flesh.

2.  All people who cater to self-love.

3.  Those who profess no belief in a Supreme Being.

4.  Those who live for the day, with no purpose of life in mind.

5.  Those who believe that to sin in any way is not wrong.

You do not see the picture of the physical life as God sees it.  It would be devastating and unrealistic to you, for you are only aware of what involves you and a small segment of others.

At this moment, if a man said to you, ‘Sin with me, it will give you much pleasure,’ what would your reply be?  In which of the five categories would you be?  Would you be wise enough to say to him, ‘Go your way, I do not want to hurt God’?  Think of this.

There are many men now who feel that what they do does not hurt God.  This is true in the sense of man, but God’s hurt is different than man’s.  So I say to man, ‘Do not judge God’s Way, God’s Thinking, by your own weakness, for His is Divine and Supreme, yours is small and earthly.’

The next time you decide to give in to a moment of pleasure, I say to you this: ‘It would be best to give in to a moment of love for The Divine, and each time you do this you will grow in a beauty and a love and a strength and a courage and a purpose that will be far greater in magnitude than anything you could do.’

I come with Advice for I walked the way of man.  I come in the Spirit of Love, but not as a man.  I come from the Realm of Heaven for I know what is best for you.  My children, do not let foolishness, pride, selfishness, absorb you in any way.  You will receive nothing and your happiness will not be a true happiness.

I come in a Humility and I come in a Love, for I am aware of all earthly pressures, but I say: ‘You, too, must be humble.  You, too, must be good.  You, too, must be obedient to the Will of God.  You, too, must serve Him daily, hourly.  You, too, must do penance, sacrifice, for how else can you grow more in love with your Creator?  He Is All Beauty, He Is All Things and He Is All Love.’  So be it.”

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