ON MARCH 2, 1970 AT 12:20 PM


“I have come with many Words to many children, through this child.  I walked the way to God in the sandals of a vocation.  The sandals did not bring me to the Feet of God.  It was what I did that allowed me this Heavenly Grace.  In many places the walk was treacherous, hazardous, bumpy, and there were many curves in the road.  There were many times the hunger I felt gripped at my being.

I often looked at other men and decided their lives were much easier.  Perhaps I had chosen one too difficult for my weaknesses of flesh and spirit.  I would kneel to pray and strength would come, and I would hear an inner voice say: ‘Francis, do not stray.  I need your sacrifice, I need your penance, I need your way.  I need those things to help others.’ I would receive strength and renewed fervor and would be on my way.

I often felt that by listening to the wind or the breathing of the flowers, I could hear God speak, for I felt the Life in the flowers and the Power in His Wind.

There were many misunderstanding people in the time in which I lived, but remember, My daughters, when man misunderstands, it is not that important.  When you are doing the Will of God, be more concerned with what you are doing and the reason for it.  Strip yourselves of pride, disobedience, contempt for others, and so many needs for material things.  Help yourself grow in humility, love for God, service to Him, and aiding others to reach Him.  The time has come for men to stop caring about the frivolous side of all things and to concentrate more on the things that are truly important, things that count, things that direct them and others to God.

I place These Words on the Winds, My daughters, for all men to hear, for all men to learn by, for all men to follow.  I am Saint Francis of Assisi and I have come often through the child.  She is aware of how I deliver the Words, and I offer you this prayer.

Offer this day and those to come in doing what God asks of you, and tell Him, children, that His Will will be perpetuated by you.  Tell Him that tomorrow, too, you will grow in love with Him.  Tell Him that His Wish is yours and these words are from within.  Give Him your heart and Soul and love, and follow through each day with promises well-kept, so you will never stray.  So be it for now.”

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