ON MARCH 4, 1970 AT 8:45 PM


“In many lands I have been seen by children of all ages.  I stand for Purity and Grace.  My daughters, My sons, I come tonight to say, ‘Teach others of My Love for God and His Beloved Way.’ Don’t let children rationalize the Beauty of the Heavens, the Truth They are.  The Joy is Here, and Many Saints within them.  There’s gentleness and kindness and help for all mankind, but prayers and special devotions are needed by all men to grow in Grace and love for The Divine.

The Rosary has many beads and each one says to Me: ‘I love You, Mother, best of all.  Please help me.’ When little children hold the Beads and don’t know what they’re about, I smile and try to teach them to love them as I want.  As they get older they forget to say these prayers to Me.  They say, ‘It’s timeful and repeat,’ and they don’t have time for Me.  When age creeps on and daily tasks involved, My children say, ‘I don’t have time for Our Lady now.’ I say to all My children, ‘Please don’t make excuses, for the time you take in doing this, the Beads could be said.’ The repetition of the words is beauty to Our Ears.

The Father asks all children to say the Beads I hold dear.  Remember that a child can’t say the prayer unless he’s taught.  He cannot learn the words of man unless he hears them said.  So promise Me this night that you will strive to say the prayers I love so very much, the Beads I do convey.  The weapons man does lean on are cumbersome and strong.  Remember, children, the Rosary is the finest weapon of all.  So be it.”

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