ON MARCH 12, 1970 AT 8:30 PM


“There are many children this moment who are being led astray, some by parents, some by friends, some by strangers along the way.  The period of time in which you live is full of satan’s helpers and the targets are the little ones.  Remember What I have said and help to pass It on to awaken other people of the hazards that are now.  A lot of words will not change them for their ears will close to you, but if you were to bend your knees and be example more, the neighbor or the relative, the friends, or yes, the stranger, might see a peace about you and they will wonder.  You see, My children, all in life can be a way of example.

The sins of life are made to look great and are surrounded by much splendor, for little ones react to what their senses say is good, and the Will of God says: ‘Help Me, for the acts of other men are leading them astray.  It is so easy for them to succumb to the easy way.  I do not have enough good Souls Who are strength for little ones, so confusion and much heartache reigns.’ He says, ‘I do not say to you the fist is the only answer.’ He says, ‘I say to bend with love and be a true example:  a word of love when it is needed, an act of kindness to show the little children that there is good around, to teach them the responsibility of the right and wrong.’

I say These Words to you tonight, for many of you here have children and their friends to guide, and it must be done without fear.  The children all were born of love, the Love of God it’s true, but you are sure to walk His Way if you will hold their hand in truth.  He says: ‘Please do not let them stray.  I cannot bear the loss.  I love them as I love you.’  Remember this today.”

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