ON MARCH 18, 1970 AT 11:40 AM


“My daughters, I smile at the questions you have presented to the child who is solely in the Hands of God.

I ask you from this day forward to walk each day remembering to listen, so you will hear the way.  Man says to God, ‘I want the Words in black and white so I can read the Things You say, so I will know exactly the Direction of the way.’ God does smile and say to each, ‘Listen, you will hear the Purpose of the life I gave and the Direction for you Here.’

Let each day be one of listening, and follow everything that your love and your heart does tell you to do.  When you awaken, first think of Him, and then listen in the quiet.  Begin each day with love of Him and you will have begun the start of it.

So many children run around and say, ‘I want to know more of God and the way that I must go.’ They are so busy making issues out of little things that the way they walk, the way they are, has no time to grow.  The Miracle I am such a Great Part of is teaching all the children that it’s love of God that will give each man the happiness that he does want so much, and the way to God is listening to the Words of Truth from Us.

The personal disturbance you feel in daily living is oftentimes just weakness and a lack of cultivating listening.  The need for prayer is much, My children, for all around the world men scream for satisfaction, for the Truth of God they love.  Never let your weakness throw doubt another’s way, but be positive in your love through the listening of the day.  Another Saint will speak to you to help you on your way, to listen and learn the way to God today.”

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