ON MARCH 18, 1970 AT 11:55 AM


“The Miracle of Joseph is on the Winds of Love, the Winds of Power that only God has control of.  The Spiritual Significance of This Magnificent Miracle is in Complete Direction of the God Who performs all Miracles.  The title of the Miracle is Saint Joseph, as you know; the Subject and the Direction from Heaven Up Above.

I come in urgency to you, but most of all in love for the Saint so close to God that all men must know of.  His Beauty and His Power is One above All Others.  His obedience to God is a Beauty from All Others.  I come to you today to say nothing will ever stop It, no man, no act, no doubt, no grievance, for God has said, ‘The Miracle of Joseph is on My Winds of Power.’

I come to you in Spirit and in a rapid way, for there are Many Things yet to be said to you today.  I am Saint Teresa of Avila. She knows this, as you do, and when you feel a doubt within you, turn to Me and pray.  Remember that Saint Joseph is on the way, as the prophecy was once foretold in a different way.  A Special Grace does come to all when they do accept the way that God does choose to show His Love in a Special Way.

The seriousness of All Things said have a Firmness, Love; but remember, children, when you pray, to listen and act what you know are answers from Above.  I leave this room in The Sign of The Cross, for when I walked the earth It was the Sign that I did hold as the Greatest Sign of Worth.”

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