ON MARCH 18, 1970 AT 12:30 PM


“I smile at the child when she offers you a suggestion of My Presence and My Entrance into the Miracle of Joseph.  The Rosary she holds is small in size but it does say to every man, ‘The Queen of Heaven is at my side.’

I ask each child in My Presence to visualize a chain of Rosaries, through your parish, going up in size.  The volume of the voices would reach in many directions if the children of the parishes would make this selection; one night a week, one hour, with many voices saying the prayers of the Beads I love.  The voices would remind all others that prayers are being said.  The strength that would radiate to others would cause peace and calmness in the parish.  At first it would mean just a few, but with words of love and encouragement more would join and the volume would be tremendous.

I sadden when I hear My children say: ‘The Rosary is no more.  It’s time-consuming and a bore.’ I say to them, ‘I love you; do not think it such a chore, but say it with devotion and learn to listen more to the volume that can come and even sound like a roar, to awaken all the others who are neglecting to even say a prayer of love in the direction of the Lord.’

Do not be weak when you confront another with the practice, but do act kind and ask their aid, and remember also, action.  If all men would join a group in their beloved parish and help it grow in every way, so many would not perish.  Never does a child repeat the words to Me that I do not listen and answer in a way that is so good for the child in many, many ways.

I leave you now, My little ones, and I do say to you, ‘The Rosary must flourish and you must help it to.’ Do not let objections of others whom you meet steer you away from practicing the words I do so love.  The Rosary is Heaven-sent.  Remember this, My Love, and say it often for the Souls Who are not yet Above.  I leave you with a Blessing from the Heavens Up Above.”

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