ON MARCH 25, 1970 AT 10:30 AM


“My daughters, My Personal Sign of Love to you, I am The Mother of All.  I once walked as you walk, as you walk in the way of woman for God.  There are many ways to love God.  The best way is to serve Him in all things.  Begin today to give each moment of your physical life to Him.  It is easier to do than you may think.

When you leave this home, walk to a railing in the House of God.  Ask Him to guide your way and to help you love Him more.  Hold the Rosary in imitation of Me when you ask Him.  I will be there, for what mother is not concerned over the life of a child.  It is necessary to begin in this way, and now.  Then each step you take must be in the direction of Him.

The morning Mass, for your growth in His Way, awaits you each day.  The walk to the railing at that time says, ‘God, I love You for I am Thine.  Do not leave my side today but guide and guard me in each way.’

The Rosary, My Prayer of Love, is one loved, too, by God.  Remember this each day and make the time for it.  The other acts of love that you perform as man, can be done quite easily as you walk from man to man.  Suddenly, one day, you will find that fear was in the past, that only love, joy and peace is within you at last.

I smile upon you this day and say to you: ‘My little ones, do go your way in more love of Him.  You will grow in such a way that others will begin to see a glow of happiness that will radiate from thee.’

Do not eliminate the Father of The Son.  Saint Joseph will protect you, for God has made Him One.  Beseech His Love, and when turmoil comes about, ask Him to cover you with the Mantle of His Love.  He’s ready to hear each request you make, for the time has come for all men to be aware of this Beautiful Saint.

With this Revelation I give you much of My Love, and I bless you from the Heavens with the Blessing of My Love.”

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