ON MARCH 30, 1970 AT 10:01 PM


“I am now a Saint and in the Heavens.  I work for The Father of All.  I say to you today, ‘Work in this direction, walk only in this direction, perform each act of life only for this end in mind.’

My sons, I speak to you alone.  Many men conferred with Me on the tasks of daily problems, on the purposes of the way they walked, on the sins they committed out of pride, ego, and I say to you this, ‘No sin is worth the loss in God’s Way.’ If each of you were to see what weakness causes you, you would kneel hours on end.  This is truth, My sons, not fiction.

If the sin available to you was of the eye, you would turn.  If it was of the ear, you would close it out.  If it was of the mouth, you would tape it shut.  If it was of the hands, you would cut them off.  I say to you, ‘Remember these things and do them, for in doing them for love of God, soon the desire will become habit, soon the habit will become a way of life.’ What better way to walk.

Before you close your eyes tonight, remember These Words, so tomorrow when you open them you will be prepared to face a new beginning.  No better way to live, My sons, I promise you this.

I hear you speak of satan, and I say to you, ‘Ah yes, he fights a battle royal, but always underhandedly.  He is devious — beware; he is ugliness — beware; and he uses your senses every chance he gets.’ ‘How better to reach the fools,’ he mockingly says.  Once a man falls into his hands there is no trust left in him.  He is ignorant to all beauty and he ignores all love except self-love.

I am Saint John Vianney and I traveled much to help Souls love God more, understand His Beauty.  I taught them to reach out to Him.  The road of the physical life has been walked by Many of Us Here, and We say: ‘The Revelations, the Words, the Teaching are yours to enjoy and to follow.  Do it wisely, it will pay big dividends in Eternity.’

I say to My daughters: ‘Much responsibility is placed on you.  Careless acts must be stopped.  More kindness as Mary had, it must be favored by you.  More sympathy must be shown.  Forget thyself, for She did.  She walked solely for the love of God, served men because She loved God.’

There are so many Lessons to be taught, so many Directions to be given, so many sins to be stopped, so many prayers to be said.  Begin them now, continue them each day of your life.  Teach others to perpetuate the motion of love.  So be it.”

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