ON APRIL 3, 1970 AT 8:45 PM


“If every home displayed a Cross for all men to gaze upon, the Blessings would be many upon the children in the house.  Man does say, ‘The Cross,’ the place is off to the side, or a hidden room; but, if every home greeted man with the open Sign of Love, the thought of God would awaken some and cause them to think of prayer.  If everyone you met today, tomorrow, and the next, would see a Cross upon your neck, they’d look twice, for in this day that you now live the Cross is not displayed.

Man is quick to worry over what other men will say, but it would be wiser if man would suggest to other men to pray.  The visible sign of the Form of Man hanging on the Cross is good for other men to see, for often they need the reminder that He died for them.  The threat of sin would be lessened if all men carried a Cross to ward off satan and much evil as they walk the physical.

The Cross is not for one religion, one color of man, one country.  The Cross is for all men, for the Suffering was done thusly; the Purpose of the Death, to give man a beginning.  So I say to you, My children: ‘Don’t hide the Cross from other men.  It will remind them of the Giving.’

This thought I leave you with tonight, for it is One of Great Importance to the world while there is so much strife.  Remember, children, show the Cross to awaken all those who sleep.  God will bless you for every man who will turn to Him because of thee.

I am Saint Michael, and I come to teach you of the beauty that many men have cast aside for a foolish thing of beauty.  Let all men see this Revelation, and give them One to pass to another, One to teach the Lesson so they may do the act.  So be it.”

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