ON APRIL 6, 1970 AT 10:40 AM


“My children, when The Father says, ‘I love you,’ the Love is far beyond your knowledge, and He says to you, ‘Grow in love for Me for I did create thee.’

Every day He waits on the Altar of Sacrifice for you.  His children whisk by Him, saying to Him: ‘I am too busy for You now.  I will come when it is convenient to me.’ He oftentimes injects a yearning of love in a heart, but the child is too busy to feel His Presence, to feel His Tugging, to feel His Love.

When man passes by the home of a friend or even an acquaintance, the brain projects a thought of the knowledge of knowing, but many, many, many, many, many children pass by the Home of their Father without a thought, without a care, without love.  I am sad when I say These Words, and the tears that are shed are not man’s tears but Divine Tears.

Teach others to recognize the Beauty, the Gift, the Love, the Purpose of the daily Table of Sacrifice of God.  In your home have a Cross evident to the eye of all men so that when they arrive, they will know He lives with you.  He will be a reminder to them.  It is necessary.  It must be done.  The time for hiding the Sacrifice given for man is over.  It is time for men to be awakened to It again.  So be it.”

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