ON APRIL 8, 1970 AT 9:42 PM


“My sons, I am Saint Michael.  The Speed of My Way, the Purpose of My Way, the Direction of My Way, is to fight the enemy of God so that all children will reach Here.  The swiftness of My Movements is Important, for it is true, My sons, the enemy works quickly also.  The demons are loosed upon the world; do not think this is not true.  I need you, sons, to help conquer the wrongdoings, to help save the children, to protect womanhood.  I need you to declare that the truth must be known by all men.

The Cross was a Sign of Love, the Sword a Sign of Love.  Use both, treasure both, and do not hide them in a drawer, for with the Cross in sight, evil cannot stay; with the Sword in use, evil cannot exist.  Not an imaginary Sword but a sturdy one.  Learn to swing it well and with strength.

I am known for many things, but mostly for My Particular Task, to stomp out evil and fight satan.  So be it.”

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