ON APRIL 9, 1970 AT 12:40 PM


“My children, as I walked, teaching all men the truth of life, the Gift they had, I gathered others to begin the long line of men that were to follow in My Footsteps.  Each man approached other men in a different way.  Each man was able to gather, to convince certain Souls of the Beauty of God.

The time came and I gave My Life as man.  It was My final Act of Love as man.  When I returned to The Father He said to Me: ‘Your obedience, My Son, was the Perfect Example for all men to follow.  Thank You, Son, and now the time has come for many men to walk the lonely path begun by You.  From now on it will be a difficult path for many sons, for other children will be quick to criticize or elaborate on their defects in the way of man.  If only they will walk solely for Me, all will be well for them.’

I ask you, children, to pray daily for the men who walk alone as man, and then I ask you to pray for other children who are prone to condemn.  I also say, ‘Do teach the young the beauty of My Way.’ Perhaps a child will hear one thing that will lead him on the way.  The stimulation of the thought will guide him to begin thinking, and then the fruitfulness of life will cause him to begin acting.  The little children could grow much if many, many children were to teach them of the beauty that can be theirs one day, when they go to God as children in a very loving way.”

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